How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekend


We’ve all been there before – planning our Netflix and potato chips weekend even when it’s only Monday.

Stressful weekdays at the office or school causes us to look forward to spending our weekends doing nothing or binge-watching our favorite TV series. Before we know it, we end up being in awe of how quickly the weekend went by. It has become a never-ending cycle of doing too much on the long weekdays and doing nothing on the short weekends.

“Do you mean I shouldn’t relax on weekends?” Not exactly. But being a couch potato is only one of the many ways you can unwind during the weekend. We recommend doing any of the three activities below to feel a lot better once Monday comes:

Spend time on your hobbies.


Whether it’s trying out a new recipe or cross stitching, spend some time doing the things you love! If you don’t have one, then maybe it’s time to try different things until you find one that suits you. This could make you feel productive and accomplished even on a weekend.

Learn a new sport or go to the gym.


Getting some Vitamin D and breaking a sweat is always a good idea. Go for a run at the park, play some volleyball, or try your shot at frisbee – whatever it is, do something that would burn some calories and would get your heart racing. Instant mood booster!

Do something creative.


Before you argue that you’re not creative, this last tip isn’t exclusive to artists. Doing something creative literally means “creating” something that would allow you to express yourself. While drawing and painting seems like the most creative thing to do, simple things like writing in a journal or taking a photowalk could be just as fulfilling.

Whichever one you decide to do from the three things we’ve mentioned above, we urge you to do something that would challenge you every weekend. It’s the perfect time to both relax and allow yourself to grow.