Survival Tips: The Rainy Season Commute


A cool breeze, dark gray skies, and the sound of raindrops outside.

While this scenario could sound relaxing for some, it is actually a commuter’s worst nightmare. Others are excited to wear their new sweater, but a commuter’s already changing from his white shoes to his already dirty but waterproof ones.

If you hate commuting on rainy days, we’ve come up with some tips on how to survive it and actually make it better!

Use a ziplock bag to store your gadgets.

It’s better to be safe than sorry! While you think that keeping those gadgets inside your bag is enough, most bags are not waterproof. A ziplock bag is a cheap alternative to buying a new phone.

Bring snacks and a bottle of water.


Long lines and long journeys – don’t add to the stress by being hangry! Throw some crackers or a sandwich in your bag to help you get through the waiting time. Stay hydrated with some water too!

Stream a movie or two on your phone.

The ride home doesn’t have to be as boring. Before your journey, save a movie or an episode of your favorite series on your phone to keep you company. You can even select some videos from YouTube to watch offline, saving you some data usage.

Create a “rainy days” playlist.


Some of us can’t help but catch some feels when it’s raining. Make the most out of those senti moments by making a playlist! Whether you’re feeling sad or want something to hype you up for the day, listening to a few songs will surely help with the mood.

Meet new people.


In a world full of smartphones, there’s nothing like striking a conversation with a stranger who ends up having the same interests as you! If this isn’t for you, small acts such as giving compliments or saying thank you could make someone’s day.

It’s always better to be prepared! Stay safe and dry everyone!