Making Friends in the 21st Century

Do you feel like social interaction is a minefield?  Rest assured you are not alone.  Whether you are looking to make friends or meet potential partners finding new people can be awkward and embarrassing.  There are lots of people wishing they could meet new people but not sure how to do it, but thankfully there is going to be an app for that in the very near future.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan dense city skyline.

Living at a Fast Pace

Modern living tends to leave us rushing from here to there, with not much time to even think about a social life, let alone actually have one.  Working, paying bills, keeping house, all leave us time deprived and frankly a little worn out at the end of the day. Many people do not fancy getting dressed up and heading out alone, in the hope of meeting people, so they stay home. Ironically for a lot of people, the most free time they have for socialising is during the commute to work.  Sitting on trains or buses is not the most scintillating way to pass the time, so we read books, listen to music or text our friends.

Coffee, cookies, oranges, flowers and mobile phone with word Hello

Cup of morning coffee, homemade cookies, red oranges, flowers and mobile phone with text Hello on serving board over light grey marble background, top view. Morning greeting card concept

Not Brave Enough to Say Hello

However, now and then a person catches your eye, and you can see yourself getting to know them better.  It doesn’t matter if this is as someone you view as a friend or potential date the fundamental problem remains – how do you break the ice.  Most of us would love to believe we have the confidence to stroll over to a stranger and say hello, but the reality is not that easy.  No one likes to look silly in public, and we tend to let our anxieties prevent us from being brave enough to make that first move.

Girls friends talking together on staircase

The Dreaded Fear of Rejection

All sorts of questions run through our heads, about what they will think of us, what we might say, and how things might progress so what tends to happen is people stay in the safety of their own bubble.  Secretly though, many are wishing they could be brave enough.  If you commute regularly, you will know the protocol of sitting quietly, fiddling with your phone or keeping your nose in a book it is almost accepted as the unspoken commuters law.

switchback app matching tab

A New App to the Rescue

Enter Switchback.  A new app designed to combat this silence and help spread the social bug.  Switchback is a unique platform where registered users can leave their interaction stress at home and find a host of like-minded souls.  The ice has been broken for you!  Due to be rolled out in Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Japan next month (November 2017) this really is a gift for those seeking to make friends in the 21st century.  The app has been specifically targeted to find commuters that want to find friends or more and will bring new life and enjoyment to the daily commute for registered users.  Have a look at for more information and to sign up as an early beta tester!