Switchback Etiquette: Don’t make these 5 mistakes on your next date

Going on a date can be nerve-wracking enough as it is.  Making a dating faux pas really sucks and if you really mess up you could find yourself reading your own story on social media a few days later – not a happy proposition!  So here are five of the worst dating mistakes that you really need to avoid making – after that you will have to muddle through!


1) Say My Name

Ok, it happens to the best of us, especially when we have just met someone.  Name blanks are really embarrassing at the best of times, but on a date, it really doesn’t look good if you cannot remember the name of your date.  Kind of begs the question how many dates have you been on!  So, remember the name of the person accompanying you on the date.  If you are really bad with names, put it in your phone as a note or contact, after all, phones are often used on dates.


2) Phone Etiquette

Now, we say that phones are used on dates all the time but take care of yours. It is not a great move to be only half listening to a story about the time they got locked out, even if the tale isn’t that interesting – so don’t be a text bore.  Grab a quick look to make sure you aren’t needed anywhere – or wait till they go to use the bathroom.  Be careful when you text your friends with an update that you are texting the right person – accidentally sending the text to your date is not a mistake you want to try and live down.


3) It’s Not All About the Money

But that does come into it.  This is the 21st century so ladies you should offer to pay.  This is the first time you have met so don’t assume your date is going to pick up the tab.  We fought hard for equality – don’t blow it now!  If he refuses your offer and pays – all well and good.  On the flip side, we have seen some awful stories of people asking for a refund if the date didn’t go well.  Please do not stoop that low! You chose to be there, so even if it isn’t going anywhere – suck it up buttercup!


4)  Honest is Probably the Best Policy

We are not talking about opening your closet on a first date and watching while all your skeletons come tumbling out to the ground.  But, there is no point agreeing with things that you really don’t want.  For example, if you are not the marrying type – say so!  Plenty of ‘not the marrying type’ people go on to have long and happy marriages – but for a first date, it is better to say you don’t see it as being for you, than leading someone to think they have found their soul mate.


5) Smile

Yes, you are nervous, but likely so are they.  Try and relax a little and have a bit of fun.  If you have a sense of humour, it can be the saving grace of a bad date.  If you realise early on that this is not the person for you, having a laugh and a joke can help the evening end in a better way for both parties.


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