Switchback Etiquette: Don’t make these 5 mistakes on your next date


Going on a date can be nerve-wracking enough as it is.  Making a dating faux pas really sucks and if you really mess up you could find yourself reading your own story on social media a few days later – not a happy proposition!  So here are five of the worst dating mistakes that you really need to avoid making – after that you will have to muddle through!


1) Say My Name

Ok, it happens to the best of us, especially when we have just met someone.  Name blanks are really embarrassing at the best of times, but on a date, it really doesn’t look good if you cannot remember the name of your date.  Kind of begs the question how many dates have you been on!  So, remember the name of the person accompanying you on the date.  If you are really bad with names, put it in your phone as a note or contact, after all, phones are often used on dates.


2) Phone Etiquette

Now, we say that phones are used on dates all the time but take care of yours. It is not a great move to be only half listening to a story about the time they got locked out, even if the tale isn’t that interesting – so don’t be a text bore.  Grab a quick look to make sure you aren’t needed anywhere – or wait till they go to use the bathroom.  Be careful when you text your friends with an update that you are texting the right person – accidentally sending the text to your date is not a mistake you want to try and live down.


3) It’s Not All About the Money

But that does come into it.  This is the 21st century so ladies you should offer to pay.  This is the first time you have met so don’t assume your date is going to pick up the tab.  We fought hard for equality – don’t blow it now!  If he refuses your offer and pays – all well and good.  On the flip side, we have seen some awful stories of people asking for a refund if the date didn’t go well.  Please do not stoop that low! You chose to be there, so even if it isn’t going anywhere – suck it up buttercup!


4)  Honest is Probably the Best Policy

We are not talking about opening your closet on a first date and watching while all your skeletons come tumbling out to the ground.  But, there is no point agreeing with things that you really don’t want.  For example, if you are not the marrying type – say so!  Plenty of ‘not the marrying type’ people go on to have long and happy marriages – but for a first date, it is better to say you don’t see it as being for you, than leading someone to think they have found their soul mate.


5) Smile

Yes, you are nervous, but likely so are they.  Try and relax a little and have a bit of fun.  If you have a sense of humour, it can be the saving grace of a bad date.  If you realise early on that this is not the person for you, having a laugh and a joke can help the evening end in a better way for both parties.


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Why You Should Always Introduce Yourself to That Beautiful Person on your commute!


Why You Should Always Introduce Yourself to That Beautiful Person on your commute! 

Commuting is not exactly the most fun thing to do with your time, but sadly for many, it is a necessary evil.  It often more comfortable to use public transport if you work in a busy city that it is to fight your way in with a car – and it usually is cheaper than running a car anyway. However, commuting can be a lonely place.  There is a sense of global shyness that prevents most people from interacting, so unless you know someone, you may travel in total silence with only the occasional nod of the head if someone meets your eye.


But Suddenly 

Sometimes, however, you are lucky enough to see someone who takes your breath away.  A beautiful person is standing there in their world of silence.  Do you dare speak?  The chances are not.  Most of the time anxiety takes over, and people may admire from afar but never dares speak. You ration that they may have a partner, or may find you not their type.  After all, you wouldn’t want to cause embarrassment to anyone. You choose to do nothing,  but what you actually should do is introduce yourself and say hi.

Why Would You Risk That?

Most people are not monsters!  They are quite happy to say hello and are often not brave enough to do that themselves either.  Taking the initiative could just brighten someones day if nothing else.  If more people brought a little smile to someone else’s life, the world would be a happier place.


But What If?

However what if this interaction was written in the stars?  The universe can only do so much to help you find your soul mate and perfect partner – some of the work is down to you!  What if this beautiful person that is sat across from you is that person.  You do not want to miss the opportunity of a lifetime, so you need to dig deep and be brave!  Make that first move and be the one that risks it all to introduce yourself.

What is the Worst That Can Happen

Let’s face it; you are in a public place.  The chances are that even if you perfect person is not in the mood to make a new friend or say hello back, they are not going to cause a scene just because someone spoke to them.  They may look away; they may make it clear from what they do say that they are not looking for new contacts right now – or you might find you have met someone who will go on to be a significant person in your life.  They say that people cross our paths for a reason and if we take this literally, you beautiful person caught your eye because they were meant to.  There is a saying that goes something like this: Do one thing every day that scares you.  This is good for personal development, and it could be the best thing you ever did in terms of tracking down that seemingly elusive soul mate – or even new best friend.  So – go on – Just say hi.

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Relationships Without Future: Should You Stay?



It’s true that nothing’s ever certain in life.
  The same goes for relationships.
  There always comes a moment when we unconsciously think about the future, and it could make us feel either daunted or relieved. If it’s the latter, then congratulations – it seems the future is bright and promising for you and your SO. But if it’s the former, then don’t panic. This may just be the right time for you to re-evaluate your relationship with your SO from the good and the bad, and either start making changes or take a hike!
  If you’re looking for a more serious relationship but suddenly have the revelation that you actually don’t see a future with your current SO, here are five important questions you should consider asking yourself and your partner.

Image result for same page gif
1. What do you and your partner seek in relationships at the time being? Are you on the same page?
– Are you looking for a serious, long-term, committed relationship or not? Is he looking for the same thing? It’s important that both of you set your terms and expectations for you to settle what kind of relationship you are in.

Image result for he makes me feel gif
2. When you think about your partner and your relationship, how does it make you feel?
– Can you count more times when you are angry or sad than when you’re happy? Does your partner make you feel comfortable, safe, nurtured? Or do you constantly struggle between setting your wants and needs to the way they treat you? The very basis of any romantic relationship should be friendship and mutual respect, but if there’s none of those and you don’t feel as though your partner takes you or your feelings into consideration, then perhaps it’s time to move on.

Image result for trust gif
3. Do you completely trust and support each other?
– Your partner should be your number one supporter; going out of their way to make sure that you achieve your goals and picking you up when you’re down. They should never do anything to potentially threaten your relationship or be one-sided in this aspect. And vice versa.

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4. Are you both equally invested in your relationship?
– It takes two to tango, as they say. True partnership means that you are a team, and it certainly can’t be unfair. Sacrificing or compromising your all into this relationship or to your partner, wouldn’t be healthy for you or for your relationship.

Image result for do you see a future with me gif
5. When you think about the future, do you see your partner included in it?
– Here it is, the BIG picture. So you’ve got plans on how you move forward with your life, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be anything specific. Let’s say, you don’t see yourself working long-term in your job at the moment, and you have dreams of changing your career path in another state, city or country. The thing is this, do you see your partner in that picture? That no matter how both of you move forward in your life, you are still together and you consider each other’s life goals as your own to support one another?

Image result for monica and chandler gif
  If you don’t, it’s okay. At the end of the day, it’s a matter of choice. We all want different things, and if this SO of yours makes you feel happy and fulfilled, then there is no reason to break things off for now. What is also important is that you consider the questions given above, and that you set your own expectations of having a possible end date or the possibility for both of you to carry on…

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Kick Out Societal Standards


In a world where you can basically Google anything and find a wide array of articles dictating to you what you should do, what you should give and receive, what or who you should be, who you should be with (this article is no exception, apparently), doesn’t it all get confusing? Everywhere you turn you receive tons of voices screaming the type of standards you should have, in every aspect of your life. And sure, it can be quite helpful at times, but maybe there are times when trusting our own instincts should come into play. So let’s challenge the status quo for a little bit…

  When it comes to dating, there are certain so-called “rules” we get to follow. And these are the typical rules – ie. how women shouldn’t be the ones who would initiate courtships; how men should pay for dinner dates; how if someone was your soulmate, women wouldn’t have to communicate how they feel because men should just “know,” and the list goes on and on. Some still follow these to this very day, others don’t. And for those who do, they might think that once these rules are broken, it’d be a total dealbreaker.

   It doesn’t just stop there at all either. When one talks about their relationship with other people, they’d receive tons of opinions which could probably cause more confusion. You’d start questioning yourself and your sense of judgment, leading you to blow things out of proportions and failing to realize the more important values we should all be looking at.

   External pressures won’t be able to sustain a relationship, especially if it comes from a society that asks you to conform. Remember that not everyone’s situation in their relationships are the same, and so we should face them all differently by setting different expectations and being more understanding. These standards or ideals don’t exactly apply to everyone. It might be nice to tick off all those checklists that might make someone look good on paper, but how one treats you or what values and traits they hold, should be significantly considered.

   Setting your own standards to simply please what others say they want for their own isn’t going to help you achieve the long-lasting, nurturing relationship you oh so crave to have. Hold off on the judgment. Be true to yourself and stop looking at the superficial facets. From there, you’ll build deeper and meaningful connections.

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The Thing about H.E.A.’s


   Or y’know, Happily Ever Afters?

   It’s a format that many story writers use for years and years, and it has been an ongoing conversation for the audience as well. For a theme that people think has been overused, overrated, overly predictable, and what-overly-have-you’s, it’s something that still sells. And regardless whether it does or not (or whether someone actually admits it), a well-written story with a happily ever after can actually be good for the mind, body, and soul.
   But is Happily Ever After on the way out? Our team decided to ask some people on what they actually thought about it. The insights we received were mostly skeptical, which weren’t all too surprising. We see that people today like relatable characters, and stories where everything isn’t as simple as black and white. Most did not believe in the goodness and power of Happily Ever After’s, since it sets an unrealistic approach and expectation in life.
   Or they just think it’s a load of crap, deluding us into believing in our own naivete…
    How sad is that, right?
    So why all the skepticism to this kind of closing theme? Is it because of the daily  turmoil and endless struggle in our lives? And what of the everyday tragedy in our world that floods the news? Is it because it’s nothing but a cliche – too out of this world – that we don’t want to waste time thinking things could be different? And if so, is it too unreasonable to be glad for any bit of happiness we can get in a span of two hours, or three-hundred or so pages?

   There was one who was more optimistic than the rest. Here’s what she said: “Happily ever afters, in my opinion, are quite idealistic but makes everyone happy. It gives this sense of hope to people that even after all the struggles and heartache that the character, and whoever goes through in the end; everything would be worth it. Kinda like a rainbow after the rain.”

Not all that happens in movies or books are real. And true enough, there’s nothing wrong with hoping for something better at the end of the day. Happily Ever Afters are not only a form of escape, but something that could possibly motivate you to keep going. And as long as you know for yourself what sets apart reality from your own expectations and mere fantasies, it’s good to also remember that we can take command of our own ship if we really want to make the H.E.A.’s happen.

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