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Switchback Etiquette: Don’t make these 5 mistakes on your next date


Going on a date can be nerve-wracking enough as it is.  Making a dating faux pas really sucks and if you really mess up you could find yourself reading your own story on social media a few days later – not a happy proposition!  So here are five of the worst dating mistakes that you really need to avoid making – after that you will have to muddle through!


1) Say My Name

Ok, it happens to the best of us, especially when we have just met someone.  Name blanks are really embarrassing at the best of times, but on a date, it really doesn’t look good if you cannot remember the name of your date.  Kind of begs the question how many dates have you been on!  So, remember the name of the person accompanying you on the date.  If you are really bad with names, put it in your phone as a note or contact, after all, phones are often used on dates.


2) Phone Etiquette

Now, we say that phones are used on dates all the time but take care of yours. It is not a great move to be only half listening to a story about the time they got locked out, even if the tale isn’t that interesting – so don’t be a text bore.  Grab a quick look to make sure you aren’t needed anywhere – or wait till they go to use the bathroom.  Be careful when you text your friends with an update that you are texting the right person – accidentally sending the text to your date is not a mistake you want to try and live down.


3) It’s Not All About the Money

But that does come into it.  This is the 21st century so ladies you should offer to pay.  This is the first time you have met so don’t assume your date is going to pick up the tab.  We fought hard for equality – don’t blow it now!  If he refuses your offer and pays – all well and good.  On the flip side, we have seen some awful stories of people asking for a refund if the date didn’t go well.  Please do not stoop that low! You chose to be there, so even if it isn’t going anywhere – suck it up buttercup!


4)  Honest is Probably the Best Policy

We are not talking about opening your closet on a first date and watching while all your skeletons come tumbling out to the ground.  But, there is no point agreeing with things that you really don’t want.  For example, if you are not the marrying type – say so!  Plenty of ‘not the marrying type’ people go on to have long and happy marriages – but for a first date, it is better to say you don’t see it as being for you, than leading someone to think they have found their soul mate.


5) Smile

Yes, you are nervous, but likely so are they.  Try and relax a little and have a bit of fun.  If you have a sense of humour, it can be the saving grace of a bad date.  If you realise early on that this is not the person for you, having a laugh and a joke can help the evening end in a better way for both parties.


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10 Things Not To Do on a Commute


Commuting is a pretty social activity. However, it is carried out by people who are terrified of interaction and generally keep their heads down and avoid the world.  If you are looking to break the ice and make new friends on your daily commute here are ten things you must never do!



1. Sneeze 

Ok, we don’t literally mean you cannot sneeze – after all that just happens sometimes.  Especially if you have allergies or a cold, but sneeze correctly!  No one, and we mean no one, wants an early morning shower of sneeze germs so be sure to keep that sneeze contained.  Have a tissue or a sleeve at the ready and aim your head away from fellow commuters.


2. Steal Someone’s Spot

Have you noticed how beautiful that window spot looks?  But the same guy is always in there? Well sadly commuting etiquette dictates that he has now claimed that spot.  If you are sure he is missing one day, then maybe have a cheeky seat, but watch for his return.  Fighting over the space if you both happen to get on at the same time isn’t going to endear you to anyone!


3. Talk Loudly Into Your Phone

Commuting is a great time to text your friends, not call them loudly and discuss Mark and Sarah’s relationship or expand on the gory details of Zoe’s recent birth traumas.  Friends will understand if you pick this time to have your convos by text – just remember not to laugh too loudly if things get funny.


4. Fall Asleep With Your Mouth Open 

Ok, we get it, you had a late night, and perhaps a glass of wine you really should not have had on a work night, but try your hardest to be a pretty sleeper.  There is nothing worse than looking across the carriage and seeing an open-mouthed walrus opposite.


5. Snore

See above.  If you know you can be a bit of a jet engine snorer; then the commute probably isn’t the best place to be taking a nap.  It is no nicer to sit near than someone yelling into their phone.


6. Be a Space Hog

You have one seat.  No arm waving, flailing or reading the paper while taking up the whole space, and most of someone else for that matter.


7. Forget the Volume

Yes, you might love Megadeath blaring in your ears at 8 am on a gloomy Tuesday, but not everyone does – so check your volume.


8. Stare

Didn’t your mother always say this when you are a kid?  Ok, you can see some pretty kooky things on the commute but learn to look subtly and don’t stare!


9. Dine Out

Eating a snack is fine, but a full meal is kind of rude.  Spreading out across two seats or trying to eat messy food with grace on a moving train is just not happening.  Stick with food you can manage.


10. Be Too Stubborn 

Ok, we get it.  You got a seat for the first time this week.  But, if there is a commuter with a more significant need, you need to be the bigger person.  Be sweet and give up your seat.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Weekend



We’ve all been there before – planning our Netflix and potato chips weekend even when it’s only Monday.

Stressful weekdays at the office or school causes us to look forward to spending our weekends doing nothing or binge-watching our favorite TV series. Before we know it, we end up being in awe of how quickly the weekend went by. It has become a never-ending cycle of doing too much on the long weekdays and doing nothing on the short weekends.

“Do you mean I shouldn’t relax on weekends?” Not exactly. But being a couch potato is only one of the many ways you can unwind during the weekend. We recommend doing any of the three activities below to feel a lot better once Monday comes:

Spend time on your hobbies.


Whether it’s trying out a new recipe or cross stitching, spend some time doing the things you love! If you don’t have one, then maybe it’s time to try different things until you find one that suits you. This could make you feel productive and accomplished even on a weekend.

Learn a new sport or go to the gym.


Getting some Vitamin D and breaking a sweat is always a good idea. Go for a run at the park, play some volleyball, or try your shot at frisbee – whatever it is, do something that would burn some calories and would get your heart racing. Instant mood booster!

Do something creative.


Before you argue that you’re not creative, this last tip isn’t exclusive to artists. Doing something creative literally means “creating” something that would allow you to express yourself. While drawing and painting seems like the most creative thing to do, simple things like writing in a journal or taking a photowalk could be just as fulfilling.

Whichever one you decide to do from the three things we’ve mentioned above, we urge you to do something that would challenge you every weekend. It’s the perfect time to both relax and allow yourself to grow.

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Monday Motivation: 4 Tips to Start Your Week Right



If you’re always experiencing the Monday blues, and feel like the weekend went by too quickly, maybe it’s time you don’t give in to the Monday stories and try something new! Your week might be hectic and the incoming stress might already make your anxiety kick in, but these 4 tips will help get you through it easier.

1. Replenish during the weekend

– In this fast-paced world, we often find ourselves always up and running. It’s important that you take some time off to recuperate to perform tasks better and be more energized.
2. Plan your week on a Sunday night

Take an hour or two on Sunday evening to prepare yourself of how your week’s going to go. That way, come Monday, you’re ready to take on the world again!

3. Create a morning routine

Getting out of bed earlier than your usual, has great benefits for your overall well-being instead of snoozing your clock. So get up and talk a quick walk outside, or start making yourself breakfast to get your blood flowing, and to wake yourself up.

4. Indulge in inspiration

A little something to push your optimistic vibes throughout the week can keep you going. A simple inspirational quote, a motivational article, or probably even a video from TED Talk can certainly help.

How’s your Monday going? Are you still feeling the blues?

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