10 Things Not To Do on a Commute


Commuting is a pretty social activity. However, it is carried out by people who are terrified of interaction and generally keep their heads down and avoid the world.  If you are looking to break the ice and make new friends on your daily commute here are ten things you must never do!



1. Sneeze 

Ok, we don’t literally mean you cannot sneeze – after all that just happens sometimes.  Especially if you have allergies or a cold, but sneeze correctly!  No one, and we mean no one, wants an early morning shower of sneeze germs so be sure to keep that sneeze contained.  Have a tissue or a sleeve at the ready and aim your head away from fellow commuters.


2. Steal Someone’s Spot

Have you noticed how beautiful that window spot looks?  But the same guy is always in there? Well sadly commuting etiquette dictates that he has now claimed that spot.  If you are sure he is missing one day, then maybe have a cheeky seat, but watch for his return.  Fighting over the space if you both happen to get on at the same time isn’t going to endear you to anyone!


3. Talk Loudly Into Your Phone

Commuting is a great time to text your friends, not call them loudly and discuss Mark and Sarah’s relationship or expand on the gory details of Zoe’s recent birth traumas.  Friends will understand if you pick this time to have your convos by text – just remember not to laugh too loudly if things get funny.


4. Fall Asleep With Your Mouth Open 

Ok, we get it, you had a late night, and perhaps a glass of wine you really should not have had on a work night, but try your hardest to be a pretty sleeper.  There is nothing worse than looking across the carriage and seeing an open-mouthed walrus opposite.


5. Snore

See above.  If you know you can be a bit of a jet engine snorer; then the commute probably isn’t the best place to be taking a nap.  It is no nicer to sit near than someone yelling into their phone.


6. Be a Space Hog

You have one seat.  No arm waving, flailing or reading the paper while taking up the whole space, and most of someone else for that matter.


7. Forget the Volume

Yes, you might love Megadeath blaring in your ears at 8 am on a gloomy Tuesday, but not everyone does – so check your volume.


8. Stare

Didn’t your mother always say this when you are a kid?  Ok, you can see some pretty kooky things on the commute but learn to look subtly and don’t stare!


9. Dine Out

Eating a snack is fine, but a full meal is kind of rude.  Spreading out across two seats or trying to eat messy food with grace on a moving train is just not happening.  Stick with food you can manage.


10. Be Too Stubborn 

Ok, we get it.  You got a seat for the first time this week.  But, if there is a commuter with a more significant need, you need to be the bigger person.  Be sweet and give up your seat.

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Three Must-Try Dishes in Singapore


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Few peoples in the world can match the reverence and fervour Singaporeans reserve for food. Colombians brawl over football teams; Italians have passionate love affairs with their cars. Singaporeans hold hour long deliberations over which street stall serves the best chilli crab in Glutton’s Bay. Singaporean cuisine is of course, a diverse affair of Malay, Chinese influence (served with a dash of Indonesian, Indian and Peranakan and Eurasian tradition.) Faced with the perils of recommending Tim Ho Wan’s dim sum over Swee Choon Tim Sum’s, I will content myself with merely listing the best Singaporean dishes every tourist must try.

  1.      Hainanese Chicken with Rice


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Even the uninitiated among you will probably have already heard of this one. If Singaporean cuisine were to disappear, and the nation had to choose one dish to preserve, this would probably be that dish. While the preparation method may sound unexciting (essentially boiling the chicken), every native knows that if done well, a tender Hainanese Chicken paired with the broth infused rice (with some soy sauce, and a kick of ginger on the side) is an addictive classic.

  1.       Bak Kut Teh


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There are many legends surrounding the origins of this fiery, spicy soup. One of the most famous tells the story of a charitable but poor street food hawker who threw together some leftover pork bones and cheap spices into a stew to feed a hungry beggar by the side of the road. Another recounts a concoction cooked up to rejuvenate tired Chinese laborers working along the Singapore river. The only thing the numerous legends agree upon is the dish’s humble origins. While Bak Kut Teh can now be found in many gourmet restaurants in Singapore, the dish remains accessible to the rich and poor alike.

  1.       Chilli Crab


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Singapore is surrounded by three large bodies of water: The South China Sea to the northwest, the Pacific Ocean to the northeast, and the Indian Ocean to the southwest. It is no surprise then, that seafood is irreplaceable to the national palate. This iconic dish calls for stir fried crab doused in a sweet and spicy sauce, and served with deep fried mantou on the side.

I would be amiss not to mention the numerous other mouth-watering dishes that Singapore has to offer. The tiny island nation’s unique spin on Laksa, fish-head curry, satay, and oyster omelette are only a few among the infinite list of dishes that one cannot hope to cover in a year.

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Another Delay?


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So there you are, trying to get to work on a fine Wednesday morning. You arrive at Jurong East MRT station, and you stand in queue when you realize that it was time for the train to arrive. By now, you should be hearing it chugging down the track, but then…

No train.

Your brows furrow in wonder. You check your watch, you see you were right on time. You check the station’s clock, and it’s the same. Still… There’s no train right in front of you.

Does that sound familiar?

You’ve heard about SMRT’s service disruptions happening lately, and you may have experienced it yourself. You would think that what was once a convenient, quick, and not to mention, affordable way to get to your destination, now it turned into a chaotic and irate mess. Seas of passengers flooding the stations, waiting along and withstanding hour-long rides to get to another stop that’s just one stop away; venting to SMRT operators and at each other.

Like you yesterday, I basically just gave up. I couldn’t wait another five minutes standing there with much uncertainty over when they could possibly start operating in a proper manner again. I couldn’t bare the thought of the possibility of getting stuck in the train due to delays. I immediately thought of other modes of transportation I could use. So what else could I have possibly done? I whipped out my phone and checked Grab and Uber.

I know. You’re probably not surprised at how I didn’t book any car since the prices were soaring beyond my daily budget. Cabs weren’t an option either. So I thought of another alternative – the SMRT bus (which was what everyone thought of, too).

I had to face the fact that I was going to be late regardless, and decided to withstand the long queues. Eventually, I got to take my turn and took a seat next to the window. What was a forty-minute train ride, an additional twenty was added just for me to get to downtown. But as I sat back, already stressed out at how my morning was going, I couldn’t help but empathize with my fellow commuters who ranted their concerns over social media.

I can only hope these “faulty track points” be fixed soon – and fast!

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